Enoch Adu har skrivit på ett kontrakt på 1 år

Enoch Adu har skrivit på ett kontrakt på 1 år. Adu lånades in efter sommarupphållet från Östers IF.

Enoch Adu är en ung spelare med stor potential och vi både tror och hoppas att Enoch, som precis fyllt 19 år, kommer ta ytterligare ett kliv nästa säsong, säger sportchefen Peter Christenson i FKK.

Enoch Adu’s comments:

First of all , I would like to thank FKK for given me the opportunity to be part of a fantastic football club. I appreciate everything they’re doing for me. As a player , I have a good composure on the ball in possession, decent pace, good recovery to help my team mates at defensive position, also have good attributes in the final third to do many assist and also score some goals to make more points for the team.

It’s a privilege to choose FKK because they’ve make me feel like home and I really like their style of football which suits me very well. My team mates, fans and staff has treated me well since I’ve been here and I’ve enjoyed my stay so far. I’m gonna keep developing and help the club achieve success next season and in the future